Polymer Composites

Our base polymer compounds are the X-Series thermosets, which would enable the shape-memory response in functionalised plastics, like PP. Crucially, this would be possible even after injection moulding (the mainstream process in industry). These plastics would be able to reshape themselves drastically to the originally moulded shape, or self-heal cracks at heats of ca. 160 oC.

Our second product is the Universal Bonder, which when applied between components and surface of our functionalised polymers, creates permanent adhesion via covalent bonding, while remaining inert to all other surfaces. This would dramatically increase structural integrity compared to gluing or welding and allows for more complex shapes to be built up.

FX-Series Compounds

Perhaps our most innovative and new-to-market concept will be the creation of useable liquid-crystal elastomer (LCE). Making a ‘bilayer’ of thermally contracting LCE and a neutral non-responsive plastic creates a naturally bending device, just like the bimetal strip: the difference here is that we can use large sizes (bimetal becomes too tough in large volumes). This means it could be used in applications like air and liquid cooling control, e.g. around the battery of an electric vehicle. The contraction or shrinking of LCE on heat will also allow it to be used as a compensation for known thermal expansion differences, which is particularly attractive in the automotive sector where steel, aluminum and plastics routinely cause issues in hot climates.

CSP is working on an array of demonstrators to prove the technology and inspire our industrial partners. These include vents that regulate air flow, and valves for liquid and gas cooling systems and many more...