Making materials that matter

Material Science Innovation

Cambridge Smart Plastic gathers the top talent of Cambridge University and focuses it on designing new and exciting polymer compounds with unique material properties, increasing the performance and value of our customers' products

Smart Polymers

CSP has produced the proprietary X-Series of compounds. These polymers are self-healing and exhibits shape-memory response.

We have also pioneered the field of liquid crystal elastomers, what we refer to as the FX-Series.  These can be used as vents, valves and heliotracking plastics that will  react autonomously to ambient temperature or light.

There are also promising breakthroughs in testing that will resolve the known issues in polymer bonidng. Our Universal Bonding products will enable the fast, simple, and affordable molecular bonding of TPOs.


Our goal is to bring high-tech plastics to mass-market applications in the automotive and aerospace sectors. The easy processability of our materials means that we fit seemlessly into existing production lines (i.e. injection moulding) and give comsumers the chance to benefit from the amazing advances in polymer science. 

Our biomedical use-cases synergise with the 3D printing revolution and will ensure our technology is deployed to improve patient outcomes.


We are committed to improving the quality and useful life of plastics, while reducing their environmental impact. All our materials are build with recyling and the circular economy in mind.

CSP further commits to an outstanding company culture of respect, integrity and pioneering spirit. We are an equal opportunities employer and we are determined to ensure every employee and applicant receives fair and kind treatment.