Making materials that matter

Material Science Innovation

Cambridge Smart Plastic gathers the top talent of Cambridge University and focuses it on designing new and exciting polymer compounds with unique material properties, increasing the performance and value of our customers' products

Smart Polymers

CSP has produced three proprietary technologies, each with a unique set of features and benefits:

X-Series compounds. These polymers are stronger, and weld easier than their base polymers. Most exciting of all, is that our additives can upcycle mixed unsorted plastic waste and produce our Plastic 2.0 range of materials.

We have also pioneered the field of liquid crystal elastomers, and the novel damping material Mesodamp.  These can be used to dramatically reduce vibrations and impact forces, or utilise its actuation to for dynamic valves and artificial muscles triggered by heat or light.

Our experience in smart polymers is now also driving us in the packaging sector, with projects and experience under our belt in cellulose, and nanocellulose networks and films.


Our goal is to bring high-tech materials science to the automotive and aerospace sectors. Our materials are easy to process and our bonding technology will mean our customers do not need expensive plasma treatment and slow curing adhesives for additive manufacturing.

We additional support industry and post-consumer waste recovery by enhancing their recycled plastics through direct upcycling of waste into Plastic 2.0.


We are committed to improving the quality and useful life of plastics, while reducing their environmental impact. All our materials are build with recyling and the circular economy in mind.

CSP further commits to an outstanding company culture of respect, integrity and pioneering spirit. We are an equal opportunities employer and we are determined to ensure every employee and applicant receives fair and kind treatment.