Processable Thermoset Polymer Composites

Our base polymer compounds are the X-Series processable thermosets, which leverage a novel chemistry to combine and achieve the best properties of thermoplastics and thermoset plastics.
We can adjust our additives to optimise for two unique benefits:

  • Easy processessing and welding: using rapid bond exchange chemistry, we can create processable thermosets that have a decent rubber plateau but uniquely benefitting from the ability to bond quickly and easily through simple heat welding. Our testing is showing > 10 MPa bonding strengths in lap-shear testing, and substrate failure when the welding is done in "perfect conditions"
  • Enhanced strength and shape-memory: slowing and removing bond exchange will create a processable thermoset with strong material properties (beyond the base polymer) and high tolerance to chemicals and heat. This material will have strong 1MPa blocking stress during shape-memory response.

X-Series (X-PP6) Data Sheet

xPP6 Datasheet.pdf