Mesodamp & Liquid Crystal Elastomer Tapes and Actuators

Mesodamp utilises unique liquid crystal monomers to create a truly special polymer. We integrate the benefits of liquid crystalline interaction with traditional elastomer properties to create a material with the damping properties of a liquid with mechanical stability of a thermoset to produce levels of damping far above market leading technologies based in polyurethane or silicone.

Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCE) are a radical new polymer system, akin to rubber, but with remarkable and unexpected properties that stem from its intricate molecular structure. It provides outstanding dissipation due to the interaction and alignment/unalignment of the liquid crystals you are reading this website on. This unique material also boasts some very "smart" functionalities triggered by heat and light.


Dynamic Actuation - the other fascinating effect, which promises ground-breaking applications and devices, is that LCEs reversibly contract and expand on heating and cooling, changing the length by a huge amount – up to 100-200%. This mechanical actuation allows us to design actuators, muscles, or an LCE engine working on a difference in temperature between two containers.

First invented in 1980s and 90s, LCEs are only beginning to penetrate into the industrial applications and design. CSP team members have been at the very beginning of this development, and we are now developing marketable LCE applications in vibration isolation, reversible grippers, microfluidics, and LCE engine converting waste heat into useful work

Reversible Adhesion - the surface energy and "stickiness" of Mesodamp can also be calibrated such that light or heat can be used to change the very nature of the material. When the material is prepared correctly, it can move from an extremely tacky surface to a smooth glassy one in an instant - truly a first and remarkable step forwards in adhesion technology as Mesodamp introduces the first possibilites to have truly reusable and sustainable tapes.